Blazing the Global Cannabis Trail

Blazing the Global Cannabis Trail Blog Image.png

As cannabis becomes legal in some areas but remains banned in others, the pressure is high for innovators to establish standards that will ensure the safety of inexperienced consumers and destigmatize cannabis elsewhere.

Because they have embraced the medicinal benefits of cannabis, a handful of countries are at the forefront of industry advancements. For example, Canada’s medicinal cannabis system already services over 300,000 patients; Israel is establishing its position as a trusted developer of unique strains; and Australia is hosting a boom of innovative medicinal cannabis companies.

The gains of its medicinal cannabis system has driven Canada to take steps toward implementing full legalization later this month, which is bound to position it as an a trusted source of products and a model for other countries throwing their hats in the ring. Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli, Creso Pharma’s co-founder and group CEO, sees Canada’s legalization as “an international tipping point in the development of pro-cannabis policies.” In other words, it’s only matter of time before the US and other countries follow, and industry pacesetters must have a global view to successfully serve this rapidly growing need.

Creso has deep pharmaceutical expertise working in concert with industry-leading partners in cannabis research, cultivation, and extraction. With the “tipping point” in mind, a global understanding of regional cannabis demand and regulation informs Creso’s production and distribution. Creating partnerships with cannabis experts, established manufacturers, and existing supply chains has accelerated the development of Creso’s cannabis and hemp-derived products, which include therapeutic, nutraceutical, topical, lifestyle, and animal applications.

Nutraceutical cannaQIX is a perfect example of the Creso business model in action. A proprietary extraction method means the full-spectrum hemp extract in cannaQIX contains the full benefits of the full plant—abundant in CBD but with only trace amounts of THC. Creso has partnered with an established manufacturing company, Domaco, to create a great delivery method for their high-quality CBD extract: citrus-flavored lozenges, which allow quick on-the-tongue absorption to bypass liver metabolism that can lessen the efficacy of swallowed CBD tablets, capsules, or oils. (Lozenges also are very consumer-friendly for new users.) They also have partnered with one of the top over-the-counter Swiss brands, Doetsch Grether, to head distribution in Switzerland.

By carrying over the same culture of excellence, quality standards, and methodological rigor that defines the pharmaceutical world and by establishing streamlined manufacturing and distribution to leverage the strengths of key partners, Creso is leading the formation of best practices the burgeoning cannabis industry will refer to for years to come.