Old Boy Mary Jane: Funny Name, Serious Business

OBMJ Beer Awards Image.png

Beverage mainstay Coca-Cola made headlines this week by revealing their possible expansion into CBD functional wellness beverages. In a statement, Coke said that they aren't interested in marijuana or cannabis products but have been exploring the use of non-psychoactive CBD (cannabidiol) as an ingredient in upcoming product development. *1

While the soda giant mulls over straying from its core product in response to lagging sales, Creso Pharma has been leveraging their established cannabis expertise to forge well ahead of the big guys in beverage innovation.

Creso is already established as a trusted producer of over-the-counter CBD nutraceuticals (cannaQIX10) and veterinary CBD complementary feed supplements used offset anxiety, pain, and physical discomfort in companion animals (anibidiol).

Always on the front of the curve, Creso next introduces the Old Boy Mary Jane (OBMJ) line of cannabis-inspired terpene-infused beers as a joint venture with CLV Frontier Brands. Terpenes—the non-psychoactive components that shape a plant’s flavor and smell—are integral to distinguishing one cannabis strain from another. The variations in flavor and smell from strain to strain are often compared to the differences in wine varietals or craft beers.

Creso’s deep knowledge of cannabis strains and terpenes informed the first collection of three beers: Improper Pils, a slightly bitter pilsner with a delicately fruity nose, recalls the sweet terpenes of Strawberry Diesel. Inspired by Cheese cannabis terpenes, Big Egg Mountain Baltic Porter is a robust, malty porter that delivers hints of coffee, caramel, and dried plums. Slightly sweet, pleasantly bitter Ghost Bog Hazy IPA has an intense hops flavor that’s amplified by its Super Lemon Haze cannabis-inspired terpene blend. *3

Instead of recreating the wheel by starting a brewery from scratch, OBMJ is the result of what they call "gypsy brewing." The team seeks out great beers to “serve as a canvas” and partners with the experienced small-batch brewers who make them to craft OBMJ—the ultimate “beer with substance.”

On October 2, OBMJ will make its official debut at the London Boutique Bar Show, a premier event that showcases a limited number of new and high-quality drink brands appealing to discerning members of the UK drinks market. *4

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