A new way to care for your furry loved ones!

Around the world, cannabidiol (CBD) continues to gain recognition for its positive effects on health. It’s often chosen to address the  management of anxiety, pain, and inflammation. But what about our furry friends who may also suffer from these conditions, especially with age?

CBD: a natural choice for people and pets

In recent years, medicine has opened up to the possibilities of ingredients from the hemp and cannabis plants, with doctors and patients giving a greater focus to natural therapeutic approaches. Veterinarians are part of this shift and have long sought non-pharmaceutical alternatives that are well-tolerated by pets.

Creso Pharma is at the forefront of this new frontier, most recently introducing Creso’s anibidiol® range - hemp-derived animal complementary feed products that already have been well-embraced by the Swiss market


Positive feedback is abundant from both veterinarians and pet owners, including Dr. Fabian Huwiler, who credits anibidiol® with “improving the quality of life of the pet AND the pet owner.” He adds that vets have been waiting for such a product for some time.


anibidiol® 8 plus

With over 40% of pet owners having considered or tried alternative therapies and herbal remedies, the need for expansion of anibidiol® beyond Switzerland is obvious. Rolf Heeb, Managing Director of Virbac Switzerland says, "…It was the right move and the right time to launch anibidiol®. There has been great interest from both vets and pet owners since its launch."


anibidiol® 2.5 relax

Creso Pharma is happy to announce the launch of the newly formulated complimentary feed products anibidiol® 2.5 regular and anibidiol® 8 plus, enhancing the anibidiol® product range with the aim to even more efficiently support the behavioral balance of the pets and further optimize their relaxation and strengthening of their immune system.

Both products anibidiol® 2.5 regular and anibidiol® 8 plus have been newly formulated, and now contain vitamins in addition to the hemp oil extract.

How anibidiol® delivers

A natural complementary feed for companion animals, anibidiol® is comprised of full spectrum hemp oil extract with CBD and hemp seed oil. The proprietary formula delivers the hemp oil extract, Omega fatty acids, terpenes, flavonoids, and active herbals to enhance an animal’s overall well-being.

anibidiol® is THC-free and  supports the immune system, contributing to balanced behavior, and encourages a general sense of wellness.

“Our experience in the market shows that our veterinary products respond to a real need and have a positive effect on behaviour in pets. In particular, senior dogs and cats benefit enormously as they are more likely to develop behavioural issues due to a combination of health issues and natural ageing issues, including muscle and organ degeneration”. Creso Pharma CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli.

Innovation from industry leaders

Virbac is an independent pharmaceutical laboratory dedicated to animal health, since its beginning. Currently the world’s 7th largest animal health company with presence in more than 100 countries with more than 4,800 employees and sales subsidiaries in 33 countries. Virbac offers a comprehensive and practical range of products and services covering the majority of species and pathologies.

Through its pharmaceutical expertise and methodical rigor, Creso Pharma strives for the highest quality in its entire range, which includes cannabis- and hemp-derived products and neutraceuticals with wide patient and consumer reach. In addition, Creso retains worldwide rights for a number of proprietary delivery technologies that enhance the bioavailability and absorption of cannabinoids.

This partnership between Virbac and Creso ensures a safe, effective product highlighting the best properties of hemp oil extracts —so our animal friends can enjoy the same benefits and enhanced quality of life we do. Both anibidiol® 2.5 regular and anibidiol® 8 plus have been launched in Switzerland and will be launched in further key countries in Europe and Latin America.


One Big Step Toward a Better Edibles Market

Global Centre Announcement v2 (1).png

Research is necessary to legitimize any new industry, and cannabis is no exception.

Until 2015, one American university—University of Mississippi-Oxford—was the sole source of marijuana for sanctioned clinical research. That monopoly ended on the heels of burgeoning legalization, with the Drug Enforcement Agency changing the rules to allow any educational institution to apply for permission to grow their own. Just as the industry is establishing its leadership now, the opportunity for securing scientific renown is ripe.

Creso Pharma has identified a white space and developed a solution to capitalize on our pharmaceutical background, deep cannabis knowledge and legalization across Canada. With this in mind, our Nova Scotia facility, Mernova, has been declared the Centre of Edible Cannabis Research, Development and Refinement.

Why “Edible” in the name? Demand and responsibility.

First, demand: The edibles market is strong and swiftly growing. The edibles segment accounted for 10% of all cannabis sales in California in 2017 and is anticipated to settle as twice that for 2018. To satisfy this demand, manufacturers have gone beyond the stereotypical brownie to present a wide range of options for consumers, including butter, marshmallows, chewing gum, even beef jerky. The approachability of familiar food products carries with it a challenge, however: the often unpredictable nature of edibles.

General clarity around dosing, ingestion and activation time is needed. Once this hurdle is passed, a more knowledgeable consumer base no doubt will demand clarity about quality, consistency and anticipated effects.

Enter responsibility: Our work is differentiated in part by our extensive background in pharmaceutical practices. The same strict protocols necessary for responsible, safe pharmaceutical development have informed the planning of our facility and operations. Besides applying our stringent quality standards to self-made products, a byproduct of our supplementary white-labeling services will be influencing an industry-wide expectation of responsible manufacturing.

The result? Consumers and the industry alike will benefit from a marketplace of edibles with predictable effects. Users will be primed to expect terms like “high-quality” and “lab-tested” to be associated with consistent results. And to usher in greater clarity and further establish ourselves as a trusted source of cannabis, our self-manufactured products will be positioned to target specific consumer outcomes, such as enhanced energy and restful sleep.

At Creso, we’re dedicated to taking an active role in setting the standards for the cannabis industry and performing beyond expectations to make safe, reliable products. The Centre of Edible Cannabis Research, Development and Refinement is one big step toward that vision.

Blazing the Global Cannabis Trail

Blazing the Global Cannabis Trail Blog Image.png

As cannabis becomes legal in some areas but remains banned in others, the pressure is high for innovators to establish standards that will ensure the safety of inexperienced consumers and destigmatize cannabis elsewhere.

Because they have embraced the medicinal benefits of cannabis, a handful of countries are at the forefront of industry advancements. For example, Canada’s medicinal cannabis system already services over 300,000 patients; Israel is establishing its position as a trusted developer of unique strains; and Australia is hosting a boom of innovative medicinal cannabis companies.

The gains of its medicinal cannabis system has driven Canada to take steps toward implementing full legalization later this month, which is bound to position it as an a trusted source of products and a model for other countries throwing their hats in the ring. Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli, Creso Pharma’s co-founder and group CEO, sees Canada’s legalization as “an international tipping point in the development of pro-cannabis policies.” In other words, it’s only matter of time before the US and other countries follow, and industry pacesetters must have a global view to successfully serve this rapidly growing need.

Creso has deep pharmaceutical expertise working in concert with industry-leading partners in cannabis research, cultivation, and extraction. With the “tipping point” in mind, a global understanding of regional cannabis demand and regulation informs Creso’s production and distribution. Creating partnerships with cannabis experts, established manufacturers, and existing supply chains has accelerated the development of Creso’s cannabis and hemp-derived products, which include therapeutic, nutraceutical, topical, lifestyle, and animal applications.

Nutraceutical cannaQIX is a perfect example of the Creso business model in action. A proprietary extraction method means the full-spectrum hemp extract in cannaQIX contains the full benefits of the full plant—abundant in CBD but with only trace amounts of THC. Creso has partnered with an established manufacturing company, Domaco, to create a great delivery method for their high-quality CBD extract: citrus-flavored lozenges, which allow quick on-the-tongue absorption to bypass liver metabolism that can lessen the efficacy of swallowed CBD tablets, capsules, or oils. (Lozenges also are very consumer-friendly for new users.) They also have partnered with one of the top over-the-counter Swiss brands, Doetsch Grether, to head distribution in Switzerland.

By carrying over the same culture of excellence, quality standards, and methodological rigor that defines the pharmaceutical world and by establishing streamlined manufacturing and distribution to leverage the strengths of key partners, Creso is leading the formation of best practices the burgeoning cannabis industry will refer to for years to come.